This is a photoblog with minimal text. Unless noted otherwise, all photos were taken in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC, USA. A navigational note: All photos appear in reverse chronological order within each post, so the most recent will be on top & you will go back in time as you go down (spooky!). If you would like to buy prints or otherwise use a photo, please send me an email (furcafe(at) Click on a photo to visit my Flickr pages.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Shirt Laundry, 14th St.

1823 14th St.

Capital Carpet & Furniture, 14th St.

Capitol City Auto Source, 14th St.

Mobil Mart, U St.

"The Parable," Servant Leadership School, Columbia Rd.

Ethio Sound, 18th St.

Kilimanjaro`s, Calif. St.

Subway, Idle Time Books, & Ghana Cafe, 18th St.

The Norwood, Columbia Rd.

View from 2100 block, California St.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Chenonceau Antiques, 18th St.

Millie & Al's, 18th St.

Tara`s Gallery, 18th St.

Madam's Organ, 18th St.

Bossa, 18th St.

Angry Inch & Julia`s Empanadas, 18th St.

2400 block, 18th St.

Toledo Lounge, 18th St.

2400 block, 18th St.

Kilimanjaro`s, Calif. St.

1800 block, FL Ave.

Freedom Plaza, Penn. Ave.

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