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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bardia's, 18th St.

Image Unisex Beauty Salon, 18th St.

B&K News Stand, 18th St.

Madam's Organ, 18th St.

Pizza Boli's, 18th St.

Rumba Cafe, 18th St.

Pizza Mart, 18th St.

Toledo Lounge, 18th St.

Prince Café, 18th St.

1844 Kalorama Rd.

Lee Jensen Brake Service, 14th St.

Monarch Novelties, 14th St.

W. Millar & Co., 14th St.

Reincarnations, 14th St.

Bar Pilar, 14th St.

1400 block, U St.

Nana, U St.

Banagricola, Asylum, & Subway, 18th St.

Habana Village, Columbia Rd.

1800 block, Columbia Rd.

Design Within Reach, Columbia Rd.

Kalorama Park, Columbia Rd.

2000 block, Calif. St.

Rumba Cafe, 18th St.

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