This is a photoblog with minimal text. Unless noted otherwise, all photos were taken in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC, USA. A navigational note: All photos appear in reverse chronological order within each post, so the most recent will be on top & you will go back in time as you go down (spooky!). If you would like to buy prints or otherwise use a photo, please send me an email (furcafe(at) Click on a photo to visit my Flickr pages.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Green Island Cafe, 18th St.

Penn Station, NYC

Odeon, W. Broadway, NYC

Bari Equipment, Bowery, NYC

Young Xin Kitchen Supply, Delancey St., NYC

Terminal & Receiving Station, W. 24th St., NYC

Metro Pictures, W. 24th St., NYC

W. 24th St., NYC

Mike's Papaya, Reade & Church Sts., NYC

Ashley Stewart Woman, Church St., NYC

City Wigs, Church St., NYC

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"The A-Bomb & the Arts" @ Japan Society, E. 47th St., NYC

Evan Auto Inc.,10th Ave., NYC

200 block, 10th Ave., NYC

Jim Kempner Fine Art, W. 23rd St., NYC

The Half King, W. 23rd St., NYC

Van De Weghe Gallery, W. 23rd St., NYC

Susan Conde Gallery, W. 23rd St., NYC

Manhattan Mini Storage, W. 23rd St., NYC

Allerton Annex Hotel, W. 23rd St., NYC

Village Florist, 222 8th Ave., NYC

W. 21st St. & 8th Ave., NYC

263 W. 19th St., NYC

Duane St. & W. Broadway, NYC

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