This is a photoblog with minimal text. Unless noted otherwise, all photos were taken in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, DC, USA. A navigational note: All photos appear in reverse chronological order within each post, so the most recent will be on top & you will go back in time as you go down (spooky!). If you would like to buy prints or otherwise use a photo, please send me an email (furcafe(at) Click on a photo to visit my Flickr pages.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

1038 31st St.

Mrs. Susan Gifted Psychic, 18th St.

All About Jane, 18th St.

The Reef, 18th St.

Columbia Rd., Adams Mill Rd., & 18th St.

National Baptist Memorial, 16th St., from Columbia Rd.

3000 block, 13th St.

Wonderland, Kenyon St.

3329 11th St.

Black Minor League, 11th St.

3300 block, 11th St.

Greater Faith Divine, 11th St.

Bi-Rite Super Market, 11th St.

3449 14th St.

Johnny's, 14th St.

Light of the World Church, 14th St.

Gaines & Brown Barber Shop, 14th St.

3200 block, 14th St.

3200 block, Pine St. (Sacred Heart Way)

Missionaries of Charity, Park Rd.

Samber Market, Mt. Pleasant St.

Heller's Bakery, Mt. Pleasant St.

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